GML is frequently contacted by pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices companies, logistics industry, CCO’s, CRO’s looking for immediate access and reference of investigators in different therapeutic areas, eager and willing to participate in research projects.

GML Investigators Data Base affords investigators the opportunity to increase the participation of their site in feasibility processes to be considered for clinical trials conduction. Please complete the following preliminary information questionnaire that GML will need, to recommend you as potential Investigator – Site to healthcare research companies.

Sites - Medical scientific Professionals Services:

• Support during Feasibility Process:

For pharmaceutical and research companies, timelines and quality of response during a feasibility process are key and competitive aspects to advance participation in a research project, GML can support Sites to improve times as well as the quality of feasibility information for a sponsor – regulatory process and local requirements as well as feasibility and capability to carry out the project.

• Handling of product of investigation (acting as site pharmacy):

·GMP compliant Storage according to temperature and humidity required conditions
·Site distribution including accountability during project up to destruction

• Regulatory support during trial conduction:

Preparation and submissions the applicable regulatory entities, Ethics Committees and Health authorities.

Site Quality improvement advise and consultancy

“Interested in participating as Investigator in Clinical Trials” (complete only if you are a Physician/Investigator not for site staff)

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